Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baguio City: Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral

One of the country's' most beautiful architectural design and , it stands majestically a top Mount Mary Hill, with a awesome bird's-eye view of Session Road and the city's landscape.

The cathedral has a pink facade with a rose window and twin square belfries with pyramidal roofs. Within its large courtyard is a viewing deck that overlooks Session Road and the downtown commercial district of Baguio. The cathedral is accessible to pedestrians from Session Road via 100-step stone staircase that ends at a Calvary.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Mines View Park boasts the best view of Benguet’s breathtaking mountain ranges.It's one of the must-visits no matter how often you've been to Baguio City.
How to go to Mines View Park:

Go to the terminal located along lower Mabini Street. You will see an unoccupied lot and just beside it are jeepneys bound directly to Mines View Park. 
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